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the thing
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sorry if this is a stupid question,
but what is under the small 2"x3" square piece with vent slots on the top of the dashboard in the middle

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a bolt used to attach the dashboard to the car structure

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I believe that in addition to the attachment screw, the light sensor is there for those that have the automatic lights option.
That's what's under mine.
Sold it Sad*

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its the photocell sensor, it senses light for the auto lampo system that why thre is a vent type look to it too allwo the light to coem in. i added the auto lamp system to my car so this si the reason i knwo exactly whats under there

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That's weird. I have that on my car... but I have a light sensor up on my rear view mirror, and my "thing" is covered by my dash mat (cause it got cracked when some retard replaced my heater core.) which makes me think that my car is special, or I don't know what I'm talking about. All my auto lamp stuff works, auto high beams etc... but I don't know. Someone fill me in please.

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THe sensor on top of the dash is used to turn the lights on & off automatically (The AUTOLAMP System). The sensor connected to the rear view mirror is used to switch the high beams on automatically (AUTODIM System). Each is controlled by the dials next to the light switch.

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