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So i decided i wanted to get more boost outta my beast. I then proceeded to affix a pipe clamp onto the vaccuum line that feeds into the WGA. Its on there pretty good but i'm not really noticing much of a difference. Is it not working or am i completly missing something?

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You will probably want to remove that clamp, lest your engine suffer an untimely end. If the WGA hose is closed, it will never see boost, and the WG won't open, and the engine will see the max possible boost and heat from your turbo, and detonation will occur in great amounts.

If it is just restricting the line, the same amoount of pressure will still get there, just not quite as soon, so the WG would still open at the same boost levels.

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As Mike said, a restriction in the line to the WGA will limit how fast pressure builds to the WGA. This will cause boost spiking, which is NOT a good thing. NEVER restrict the line to the WGA! Why not just fork up the $50 CDN or so for a Gillis type pressure relief valve. You will find it is the best money you ever spend on the car.

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If your looking for a real cheap way to increase boost then use a wire butt splice connector between the hoses from the BCS. The different wire gauge butt splice connectors act like an orifice. Other then that I would use an adjustable valve or stay stock.

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