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The most expensive TC you will ever find.
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I defintely got that one bookmarked [Image: biggrin.gif] They weren't asking that much for John Kennedy's TC

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Woah....... 30 G's ?? Thats 3-4K more than the guy at Carlisle wanted for a brand damn new '87 a couple of years ago(it had 422 mi).

One thing for sure if he sells it, we'll all be puttin' our TCs on ebay. [Image: biggrin.gif]

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OMFG, Give me a break!!!Must be a mistake EH!!!

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One would think that they would at least post a pic of the gold plated car!
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30 g's and 115,000miles??!!!!!!!!!
30 g's and it needs tires??????????!!!!!!!!
30 g's and we don't even get a pic????!!It's not even loaded!!!!
W T F is this guy on,and can I get it in pill form for ease of injestion????
This has GOT TO BE someone's idea of a joke!They weren't even 30 g's when they were new.This guy has obviously lost what little mind he had left.

Too much fun, what's that mean?That's like too much boost,there's no such thing.
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Quote:Originally posted by GARNET88:
OMFG, Give me a break!!!Must be a mistake EH!!!

Actually, he posted it twice. Once in the "price" blank, and once in the body of the auction. So, I doubt it was a mistake. I sent him a letter telling him to come here and ask what it's really worth in everyone's opinion once we get a description, so please be nice if he comes here. [Image: wink.gif]

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I just saw that on ebay, I came here to share it.


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I offered to sell him mine at a cut-rate price of $5,000. He could use it as an investment.

For that price his wife better be mounted in the floor board smiling like a doughnut [Image: redface.gif] , if you know what I mean!

Anyone have a carfax account? He lists the VIN number (1FABP64T4JH224702). I was just curious to see some info on it.

Maybe we need to get a picture and post it on the NATO homepage-or at least in the showroom.

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Give the guy the benefit of the doubt. Try to imagine your significant other comes in and tells you that you have to sell your TC.

You: "I really don't think I could get what it is worth to me."

Significant other: "How much are folks getting for cars in that shape?"

You: "Between twenty five and thirty five."
(meaning 2,500 to 3,500).

Significant other: "Then list it on eBay for between twenty-five and thirty-five."

At that point, not really wanting to sell it, you list it on eBay for between twenty five and thirty five THOUSAND. That way, you can honestly look your significant other in the eye and say "I listed it for between twenty five and thirty five on eBay, and I haven't even got any bids. Might as well keep it."

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