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Well, It is been awhile since I have been able to post. The TC is getting along, slowly but surely. The new adjustable fuel pressure regulator is installed, the adjustable cam gear is installed and the new exhaust system just got installed this past Saturday. I must admit, I was dissappointed in how quiet the car is now, 3" DP to 3" high flow cat to 3" Dynomax Ultraflow muffler to 2 1/2" tailpipe. I can't run the car on the road yet, no plates or insurance, but is was quiet driving around the parking lot. Now for the really ugly....I was working on the dash and found signs of the dreaded HEATER CORE leaking! [Image: mad.gif] I am getting ready to remove the entire dash and replace the heater core, while it is out, I am going to run all the wiring for the 6 new guages and stereo. Oh well, a labor of love is never finished. PS - I found the factory "amp" in the dash just under the dash pad - the 84's are different is just about every way.

1984 Turbo Coupe - currently under complete restoration.
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1984 Turbo Coupe
Rebuilt Engine
New T3/T4 Hybrid Turbo
Large Spearco Intercooler with Bypass valve.
Adjustable cam gear.
Kirban adjustable fuel pressure regulator
K&N fender mounted filter.
8.8 readend with Ford Motor Sport 4.10's
Replaced entire brake system
Replaced entire fuel system
Replaced entire suspension
87' or 88' TC hood
Completely redone leather interior.
Turbo boost adjuster from Tiny Avenger
3" Exhaust - DP, Cat and Ultra Flo Dyno Max.
and just about every thing else...

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Well, you have something worth the effort required to restore it. I bought an 84 TC a few months ago, just because they are so different from the 85-88 TCs. Good luck with the project.


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