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The elusive "140" speedo
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I don't know how usefull(or not) this might be for people but, the number printed on the speedo itself is E5ZM-17255-D. And, th' darn thing's made in JAPAN!?! Maybe we could find the vendor/manufacturer and...

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"M-17255-D" was the original part number through Ford Motorsport (now FRPP).
the prefix "E5" is 1985 when it was introduced and "ZM" in there means it was a part produced exclusively for Ford Motorsport and not a normal production line item. Most likely it was manufactured by the same vendor and the production 85mph speedo.


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So, who exactly can I order from and how much do they cost? Also, what else will I have to get for my '86TC so it'll show the correct speed? Thanks in advance.

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Found one for sale on Ebay:


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If the gauge face manufacturer is the same as the movement manufacturer, it's Yazaki Meter. And Brent is right, same as the 80/95 mph gauge, Yazaki.
Rick, the speedos are electronic and are from what I understand, a drop-in.

Ther are a couple of chips in the assembly, I don't know if they're in-house numbers or what, much less if they're any different than the stocker. It may be possible to convert a stock speedo over. I'll know more soon as I dissect mine.

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The 140mph Speedo is a "drop in". I got mine off eBay.

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