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The bird died
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I lost a cylinder the other day. I am so sad. We are thinking about maybe rebuilding her one day. For now I got a focus wagon to keep me occupied.

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What happened?

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Sold it Sad*

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We knew we had a miss somewhere, but we thought it was just the cam. We were going to replace the cam. Anyways it ran fine going to work, we did some driving and all of a sudden it was missing alot more than usual. Then it started to shake really bad like a harley and sounded really funny. We just barely got home and it died. She doesnt even want to turn over anymore...poop

Bird-of-Pray Offline
Not want to turn over when you're cranking it???
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I recognize those symptoms. A compression check might tell you the story.
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Pop the valve cover and see if something came loose
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Check the oil and make sure it doesn't resemble a chocolate milk shake. Also, do a quick visual check of everything, hopefully it's something minor.

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head gasket. $90 for a head set and oil, and 6 hours, your back in business.

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I would guess a head gasket as well. I would do a compression test and see what is up. It can be fixxed. Make a day out of it. This spring when its nice out.
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"poop"!!!!!!!! Such language!!!!!!
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