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The big list...
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So ive had the bird for a week now and so far it hasnt consumed a ton of money to make thing right with it, just some time.
Ive fixed,
The windows, glued them back on the tracks.
Heater core.
Fog lights, a new fuse and 2 new bulbs later.
A full tune up, plugs wires yada yada...
Drilled and tapped the distrubtor due to an old broken screw from an old cap.
Set the timing.
Buffed up the headlights.
Front end alignment.

Things left to do...
New seat belt retractors, it looks like a dog chewed mine up.
New rear control arms, no sence in just changing bushings on stock inferieor parts.
Fix the E-brake, I thing this will involve rebuilding the rear calipers.
Strut mounts.
A new better exhaust.
Gillis boost valve, i have the line to the waste gate clamped now, it makes tons of boost but its uncontrolable.
Short throw shifter, the stock one is unacceptable.
And if the car is really good to me, body work and paint.
Stock 88 with a 5 speed...

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the heater core is a joy to replace. i would really do something about the boost control situation, you are just asking for detonation, especially since you didn't mention you replaced/upgraded the stock pump, which is less then adequate.
Completion Date: Quarter to never..

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Sounds about right....driving a 20 year old car takes some work.

Good Luck...


P.S. Im working on mine all the time...not the XR7 either.
86XR7 in pieces...old time [email protected] 88TC stock Red RHSC [email protected], 01 Z71=Nice winter ride, 01 CVLX w/HPP wifes ride!

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