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thanks for all of your help.....
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Thanks to those that replied, my u-joints were toast. Thats right... front and back! Thanks for the heads up! Also in a much more previous question that i asked months ago, i think that i have solved the oil leak that i had since the past year... my head gasket never sealed properly.. good thing it never hurt the engine. Well all is now well, but was unable to do work myself... going through a tough time with my girlfriend and its been bringing me down to a stage of depression. So i just didn't feel like messing with it when feeling in a shitty mood. At least i will always have my "Thunder Chicken" right? Well, i spend more time with the car than i do the girlfriend and yet they both seem to cost a fortune and still find ways to bring me down. Ahh well!! not asking for sympathy... just venting off the depression. Sorry this originally was a thank you post, but that suddenly turned into a totally different topic.
On a lighter and happier note, i now have funds for the magnaflow exhaust mod.... what should i do for a better than stock manifold???

88 TC ....Custom window tint, American Racing 15" rims with Michelin x-radial tires, Custom system with custom built 2 and 1/2 sq. in. box. Next is Magnaflow exhaust mod!!!
88 TC ....Custom window tint, American Racing 15" rims with Michelin X-radial tires 215-70-r15, 9mm Ford Racing Spark-plug wires, K&N air filter, 3 core radiator, 180* Thermostat, Head completely rebuilt with an upgrade to a roller-cam, Silvannia Silverstar Bulbs for headlights, Painted wiper blades, XM Radio, Custom system with a custom built 5 cu. ft. box(2 and 1/2 cu. ft. per sub.), Custom Alarm System. Next is Magnaflow exhaust mod!!!

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Mother Dunham's Chicken Soup for TC lovers time:

Hope the outlook is better soon!
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