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TFI Replacement
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Ok, so I'm in the usual PIP/TFI replacement situation. I've got a question for you guys in your infinite wisdom. The original part number on the TFI for the Turbo Coupe is E6SF-12A297-A2A but the replacement part number is E43Z-12A297-A2A. I've been reading about the TFI modules and researching, and they've got me confused. When the original TFI's came on certain cars, they were one part number, but all of the replacement TFI's are the same new replacement number.

Down to my question, would I be able to use a TFI module from say an Escort? The original part number is E3EF-12A297-B1A but the replacement number is still E43Z-12A297-A2A. Would I be able to use this part?

EDIT: On the TFI/PIP replacement article in the Tech section it says the replacement number for the Turbo Coupe TFI is E43Z-12A297-A2A but RockAuto has it listed as E6SZ12A297A. Can anyone clear this up for me?

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I'm not to sure about the ford numbers but I can maybe explain it some. I know over the years ford continually upgraded the TFI due to The issue they have with burning up. So they all are probly the same part just different variations they made over the years to help them last. Also beeing in the parts business I can tell you that if I look up a part for an 84 it give the 84 version ford part number. Then if I look it up for a 86 they give that years version ford art number. The thing is all the one I've crossed over they all come up with the same Brog Warner part number CBE24.They do this same upgrade to everything. Also I have used the Ford, Borg Warner, and our store line Master Pro Ignition TFI modules in my cars any they all work great and last. I am running the Ford part right now becasue I like to keep the factory parts especially when I have it remote mounted right behind the grill and you can see it from outside the engine compartment with the hood closed. Had it that way for 2yrs and runs great and haven't had a problem. I do keep a spare cheapy in the glove box just incase. I also remeber way back in the day when nintendo came out me and my frieds got into a fight over got theres first. To settle it we used the factory number that told you how many mods they had done since the first release. Any how hope this helps explain the different part numbers for the same part.
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I just put an 87-88 TFI on an 86 and it is running just fine
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The TFI module is the same for all Ford products using a distributor with the TFI module mounted on it.
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Good to know. Smile I'll let everybody know about my deal when it goes through. Thanks Don, thats the exact answer I was looking for.

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