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TFI removal tool alternative
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The tech articles here say to use a ground down 7/32 socket or you could buy the tfi removal tool from a parts store. I found that a 5.5 mm socket fits perfectly on the screw, but it won't fit in the hole either. An RC hobby 4-way tool has a 5.5 mm end and is made with thin walls to fit in the tiny spaces of RC vehicles, and it works just fine to extract those pesky TFI screws. Just an FYI for any other RC enthusiasts out there.

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Sears and Autzoo sells this handy dandy tool that has a circular grip and the correct socket at the end. You slide it in and then turn it initially with a 13mm to break it loose if its too tight and then you can just turn it out by hand using the circular grip.
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yes AFAIK it is actually a 5.5mm

and yes most normal 1/4" drive sockets will not fit, yo need a thinwall deep well

as a 'side of the road' emergency, I did a little whittlin' of the TFI plastic, to make my normal 5.5 fit
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I ground down my 5.5, it's the only thing I've ever used it for... I have just said screw it and broke open the hole to get moving.

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I've taken the whole dizzy into Ace Hardware and used the appropriate sized socket to remove the hex head screws without even purchasing the little socket. I then replaced the screws with philips head screws.
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