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As the TEVEs master cylinders are getting harder to find in the junkyards, are these things able to be rebuilt? Mine will put out the red brake light, but to me it seems slow to build pressure. I have tried most of the system checks I have found here to clear the light, but to no avail. If the ABs computer is detecting a fault and sending the light, I cannot figure out the fault. I tried doing the jumper in the ABs test port in the trunk, but get no codes. So, are the units rebuildable? Thanks
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There used to be a company that rebuilt them, but I dont remember the name. The ABS computer has nothing to do with the power brake portion of the MC.

You can take the ABS computer, wheel sensors etc and throw them in the trash and the MC pump, accumulator, etc will still function and provide power braking.

The yellow ABS light will come on if the ABS relay under the vac tree fails to close and power up the ABS part of the system.

The usual problems with the power brake portion of the system is a failed accumulator (blown diaphragm), a failed or failing pump motor, pump relay, or PWS.
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Here s a place that may have some parts: Google is your friend.

Here is a list of cars that used the system in case you re looking for JY parts
I used to have a catalogue from a place that had parts from years ago and even posted the info but I can't find either.
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Kuch Wrote:So, are the units rebuildable? Thanks

I’ve done some rudimentary testing on a couple of mine that have failed and found the pump to be suspect.

The problem is that, in order to replace the pump, you have to remove the ABS, since you’re probably going to get the pump from another presumably working unit, why not just install that complete part and not even mess with removing/reinstalling the pump?
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