North American Turbocoupe Organization

Technical Articles
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Replacing Valve Cover Gasket
Horsepower Calculator
Compression Test
Head Gasket Replacement
Cam Timing Belt Replacement and Set Up
Valve Spring Compressor
Distributor Cam Wear
Vam Idle Adjustment
Rebuild a T3 Turbo

Fuel Pump Diagnostics
Fuel System Diagnostics

Installing a T3 on an 87-88 TC
Forced Air Intercooler Fan
Super 60 Flow Analysis
Turbo Care - Oil Change

Performance Mods:
Beginner's Mods for HP
K&N Cone Install
K&N - Front Mounted
Cold Air Induction Install
Gillis Adjustable Boost Valve

AL4D Transmission Upgrade
86 TC Clutch Replacement

Rear Axle Swap
Power Steering Fix

Converting ABS to Vacuum Assist
Adjusting the PRC for Drag Racing
87-88 TC Rear Caliper Rebuild
TEVES II Electro-Hydraulic Braking System 87-88 TC's

Turbo Care - Oil Changes
Detailing your TC
Vent Window Latch Repair 83-86
83-86 Weather Stripping Repair

83-86 TC Specs
87-88 TC Specs
Vin # Decoding
87-88 TC Part Numbers
1988 Turbocoupe Ordering Guide

Sunroof Won't Open
Unable to Retrieve EEC codes
Speed Calibration using Desktop Computer
TFI - PIP Replacement
Idle/TPS Adjustment
3G Alternator Install
Sensor and Device Locations
Retrieving EEC Codes
Running Codes from in-car
EEC Codes
Indiglo Gauges
Pillar Mount Gauge Pod
Dim Headlamp Fix
Installing Headlight Relays
Gauge Flux Fix
New Design Solid State IVR
Integrated Relay Control Module (IRCM) Trouble Shoot & Repair
Remote TFI Mounting
Remote Mount TFI

R12 to R134 Conversion
Heater Core Replacement
Cooling Fan Test
Cooling Fan Switch 85-86
Radiator Fan switch Install
AC Compressor Clutch Disassembly
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