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TC Mustang swap
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Some help here, I know this has been done a million times, but still have not stumbled on some info. My son and I want to take an '88 TC 2.3 and put it in a'79 Mustang pace car. We have the engine harness and the computer. What else do we need and any help with the wireing would be cool?

Thanks for the help!!!

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Sorry I can't be much help to you but just for my piece of mind please tell us you're not gutting a road worthy Turbo Coupe. Most of the guys here are pretty dedicated to preserving these cars. If you don't find the info you need here look over at Turboford. TC to mustang swaps are more common over there.

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The feul system will need to be upgraded to high pressure for the efi. You should start with a late 80s-early 90s 2.3 system. Get the tank, lines and wiring. before bolting the tank in, get an aftermarket pump. 255lph seems to be the choice, but Im doing well with the 190 pump I took out of my v8 car when it got upgraded.
You will also need the vam if you didnt keep it from the TC.
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The TC doner was totaled. We have 2 others and would not take apart one of these amazing auto, unless it's going to the junk yard. Anything to keep the TC alive!!! Also I have a doner '86 Mustang for the fuel system. Hey Thanks For The Help!!!

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