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OK,, so in one of the other posts there was talk about the gas mileage of the TC`s.

I am curious as to what the members are getting.
When I got my TC last year (88 TC manual) I would get around 18 MPG around town and 32.5 on the highway.

Seems others said they got better MPG around town then what I`m getting.
I haven`t checked mileage in a while and I just filled up so I guess it`s time to check again now that I have a new O2 sensor.
One thing to remember, we have 10% ethanol mandated to our fuel here which really sucks.

Post your MPG if you would,,,this should be interesting,,,
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You have the 10% ethanol also, huh? I haven't just done only city or only highway but combined (with our crap gas) I average around 27MPG. My car has 176,xxx miles and mods are: 3" turbo back exhaust( with cat and muffler), K&N cone in place of airbox, and A/C removed. I don't think that my fuel pump(Walbro 255lph) should have anything to do with mileage. Oh yeah, boost is between 18 and 19 psi. I just thought of something, is the 10% ethanol in the higher grades of gas (like the 93 I use) or just in the lower grades?
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I am getting 22/30 Mpg and we have ethanol in our fuel also. Sometimes I get worse when I can't help gettin on it!!! LOL
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i usually average around 22, and thats about 80% highway, but i think my right foot might have something to do with that...
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Hmmm damn you guys and your 88s. Before my 84 blew up, it was getting only around 17/24. I wonder how much difference was due to problems with my car and innovations on the 88... 32 highway sure would be nice!
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So far I've been around 20-21 in town and 28-29 highway with 195K on the odo and not being overly nice with staying out of the boost.

I noticed if I leave the trip minder on instantaneous mpg I tend to unload the clutch more downhills and getting close to stop signs which seems to help out some. If nothing else it's fun seeing the temporary 90-100mpg.. lol.

If I would be 'nice' I'm sure I could get another 2-3mpg around town.
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26.1 mpg mostly city driving, according to the tripminder....and it jived with my math.
10 percent ethenol in gas here...that was on 93 octane.
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88 5speed. Don't believe I have ever done better then 22 mpg. Then again it is a show car not a dd. I only drive it when I feel like standing on it to get to a show real fast.
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i get 20-25 around town. I really dont do any highway driving. Ive got a big trip planned in two weeks tho. Im driving my bird to Vermont and back. Which is 1000 miles away! I would love to get 30+ mpg with it!
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My just bought 1988 TC got 31MPG on the first fill up on the trip back from St. Louis.

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