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TC motor N/A hp and torque numbers?
Dedpedal Offline
Anyone know what these motors put out if the turbo was removed for an N/A application? A friend was talking about using one for his 87 mustang since his motor is worn out. I was thinking about picking up the motor for myself and helping him find a correct motor.
Any thoughts?
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The 9:1 compression NA motors were supposidly around 88 HP. Knock off an appropriate amount for the 8:1 compression and your screaming. Be careful of whiplash [Image: biggrin.gif]
Pete Dunham


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using my g-tech and my n/a motor int he tc i was at 62rwhp, it take sme about 18-20 secodns to reach 60mph. they are slow, i coudlnt imagien a 8:1 compression motor, ugh .
if i was so confused about buildign a motor it be in by now!

Brian J Larkin
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needs soem reconditioning
Brian J Larkin
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Thats what I thounk.
87 Turbo Coupe
Ultimate weight reduction. A 93 Mustang coupe body.

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