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TC Headlight Material
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Just what the heck kind of plastic are the headlights on the TC's made out of. I have an idea for sealing them up to keep water from getting in, but I need to find out the plastic's composition i.e. ABS, PVC, Styrene, etc...

Any help on this would be great, thanks in advance.

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I dont know what the origionals are made of, but I'm attempting to have a dimensionaly correct replacement set made out of Plexi for show use. I've got a set of projector lenses for a GMC Sierra that i cut apart and i'm currently fabbing them up inside the stock housings. After that, i get the cystal clear lenses on them, and Viola! Custom Headlights! Not to mention, all the lines from the old lights wont be there.
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I sealed mine using clear epoxy. Trouble is, I can't undo it in case I want to rechrome the inside. Never got a drop of moisture in them since though.
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I think the front is polycarbonate; no clue about the rear (maybe polystyrene?)

I'd use clear silicone; it'll hold well, it's removable, and the seal will be good.
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