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TC gets hit hard, hope all the cops are ok.
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This is on a website that has some T+A so be warned if it bothers ya. I hope the folks that were involved survived ! - i have been there!
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Holy S***!!!!!!!
So much for that 'bird!!!!
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Was it a TC? I couldn't tell. I saw on an episode of one of those John Bunnell police chase shows that showed a beautiful blue 87/88 TC get turned into a ball of tin foil. My heart broke for that guy. BTW, the TC owner was the victim, not the perpetrator.
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or the episode where they are chasing a "supercharged ford" which was just a silver SHO.
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Hard to tell if it was a TC, but definitely looks like a 'bird.
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well, had emblems on both sides of the trunk lid i think...

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i looks to have TC or LX door panels, but i cant see the light one the armrest. and jon said, has emblems both sides
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