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TC accelerating on its own help
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Hey guys so my pcv valve got loose while I was driving and my engine got all dirty with oil. Well so I cleaned it with engine degreser and then with the water hose while the car was running and it was fine. I went to test drive it and was wot and it was fine then going into a turn it accelerated by it self so I opened the hood to see whats up and while checking, again it went wot by itself while under the hood what can the problem be? thanks guys lmk
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My guess would be a problem in the speed contol circuit but I would not know what. I emailed yo the circuit diagrams
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You can easily disconnect the cable from the speed control from the throttle linkages, it just snaps on and off. That's what I'd do until the problem is resolved.

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I just noticed a similar problem as well. In fact it got 10x worse today when I was stuck in traffic TRYING to get to the junkyard to snag a alternator. I find that if I drive really nice without hitting WOT the car will be fine. If I gun it though I get a CEL and acceleration when the clutch is depressed. Everytime I turn the car off then back on it seems to reset itself. Im pretty sure mine is related to the alternator spiking and sending a mixed signal to the speed control. I'll pull the code Im getting after work and let you know what system is causing my problem.

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One thing that I think that it might be is the ECT switch. Mine is on the fritz now and my car idles fine until it gets warm. Then the idle just pretty much goes where it wants to. If I shut off the car while I am driving it "resets itself" also and I can go on for just a while until it starts to do it again.

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Ford had a problem with the CC servos in the 80s - early 90s that caused this concern. A bad solder joint in the servo caused the vac apply solenoid to open, thus making the throttle open up all the way. The cure was a new CC servo.

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