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My interior is prestine.. cept for the foam.. the springs I'm feeling in my butt are not pleasurable anymore... (Gives the Turbo Coupe a new meaning to the phrase.. "Pain in the ass") has anyone had any sucess with re-foaming and recovering their raven/charcoal cloth seats with matching material? I want something thats almost identical to stock seats..

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The PO of my white bird was a big guy. He said he head the driver's seat "restuffed" and the original material put back on. The seat is very comfortable and very firm and looks stock
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The Auto upolstery shop by me will remove the existing cover, replace all the foam and then replace the existing cover with or without repairs as required. The prices on LonG-GIsland are very high, so I won't tell you what he wanted.

Mike C
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Quote:Originally posted by Mike C:
The prices on LonG-GIsland are very high, so I won't tell you what he wanted.

Mike C
I always thought it was spelled 'lawn guyland'...
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It isn't that difficult to do. Take the seat out of the car, remove the seat back, turn the seat over, remove the track, remove all those little wire things (hog rings) by twisting them open, take the cover off and put foam in, installation is the reverse of removal. New hog rings and hog ring pliers are available at auto parts stores or you can twist the old ones closed. Depending on your sewing talents, new covers can be made using the old ones as patterns, or have an furniture upholstery shop do it. Auto trim shops give me the same pain Gulfdiver is feeling from his seat.
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