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Taurus Alternator
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An alternator shop here in Omaha tells me a 160 amp alternator for a 95 Taurus will bolt right up no probs. Ford part #7771 sells for $150 plus tax anyone know of this swap or has done it themselves.

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Read the artical on the 3G alt install by Jeff Korn. I followed Jeff's instructions to the T when I did mine about 2 months ago and have had no problems.
I got my Alt out of a 96 Tauras with 46 K miles for $10.99 from a you pick the part type of junk yard.
Mine took about 4-6 hours to do with the grinding of the alt mount taking most of the time and getting a good solder and rewraping the wire harness coming in a close second.
Good Luck
Gary F

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