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T3 + unplugged cat + new clutch = fast
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Wow what a difference. I got the T3 on and while I had it up on stands I figured I would change the rear main seal which snowballed of course and I ended up getting the flywheel machined and putting in a new Valeo clutch kit. I dont know if you guys saw my other thread about the plugged cat and the turbo not boosting but I "modified" the cat and got the exhaust system back together. Its much louder now but it sounds nice. Its also great not having the throwout bearing singing to me when my foot is off the clutch. I like to drive down the street now and make turbo noises to the people on the sidewalk. This is fun.
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That's awesome.
While my T3 and clutch seem to be in excellent shape, my exhaust has seen better days. I can't wait to replace ALL of it.

"I like to drive down the street now and make turbo noises to the people on the sidewalk."

That's hilarious. I do that all the time, especially when I'm driving next to a turbo DSM or a Mustang. Not that I could beat them, but I like to spread the fact that Ford put turbo 2.3 engines in more than the Mustang. Smile
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LOL! Guilty as charged. (I do that too.)
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