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T3 turbo or cartridge
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I went to rebuild my swap meet T3 and there's a little more wear than I was hoping to find. I'm looking for a complete turbo or just the cartridge/wheel assembly.

Let me know what you have and how much $ you want for it.

Thanks, Andy
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i will have a decent working 60/63 T3 from an 85 car in about 2-3 weeks. I am swapping the engine into another car and going IHI. if you are replacing a good IHI with a T3, i will trade you turbo for turbo, each cover their own shipping. id prefer an IHI for this project. other wise, id say $125 + the ride? The waste gate housing hole has the usual cracks, and that may be why it spools a tiny bit slower then im used to, but if you have a good one with your swap meet turbo, then that's no issue.

let me know.

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