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T3/T4 Turbo rebuild video
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Just thought it was interesting..
1988 Turbo Coupe - A237 cam, K&N Cone, T3(.60-.63), 255 Walbro, Gillis BV, gutted and knifed intakes, ported e6, 3" elbow/dp to dual 2.5s, Kirban and spearco fmic.

Up next, ported head, t3/t4 upgrade.

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Good find. Looks easy enough to me. I guess I won't really know until I try it.
88 TC / T5,4.56,Log,SC60,NPR,2277,MegaSquirt

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Nice, but a couple of extra things....
- The T3, T4, and some 60-1 and 62-1 are right hand thread, while Turbonetics and some other after market turbo turbos are left hand tread. So double check before breaking the nut might break more then one nut! Big Grin
- When tightening the turbo shaft, try to mount it in a vise in the vertical position. (This helps to make sure your tightening the shaft straight, and not bending it under load)
- Torque specs for the shaft is 15 in/pound then a 90 degree turn (like a torque to yield bolt).
86 turbo coupe (14.12 at 15 psi. sleeper) *gone* you have a V8...isn't that cute...

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