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T3/T4 Hybrid
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Its been a good while since I've been on the forums, so I'm just going to throw this out there... Does anyone know where I can ship out my T3 to get it rebuilt?

Also, has anyone swapped out their T3 for a T3/T4 hybrid? Is it a direct bolt on?

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You can have your turbo rebuilt by performance techniques ( or evergreen turbo(

The hybrid should bolt in as long as it has the correct exhaust housing. The wastegate actuator and actuator mount may need a little tweaking but nothing hard. Im pretty sure this all works with the stock top mount intercooler with the help of clocking the compressor housing in the right direction.
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Like Matt said a T4/T3 hybrid is pretty easy to do.
But you should update your signature so we know your mods. Mismatch performance parts really cause problems. The factory T3 .63 exhaust housing will take you into the 12's withe the right parts. So depends on what u want to do and can afford.

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