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t-tops anyone?
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i was wondering if ne one has attemted if its even possible to put t-tops in our birds or maybe even put a supra or corvette stlye top and just have one big removable section, or is the body not equipped to hold up if i do this

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the only reason i can t think of why it wasn't done was because the door window track, , how the door isn't like a convertible door, , but since mustangs came off the line with t-tops that had that part of the door cut off, it is possible, but i have thought about it, you would need subframe connectors, well ,just to be safe you should use em, but t-tops would help out allot with theses cars, since there are closed in the back and the air sits in the back and doesn't circulate as much. I have seen one tbird that was a convertible and then the cougar ( hope this helps, and if you ever get plans up to do one, ill be waiting in line for it to be done!
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I went to a body and collision shop,they told me that be cause of the way that the car was designed. He said in order to put t-tops in I would have to have a custom set of doors made up from fiberglass, put in sub frame conntors installed and strut tower brace put in. See I asked for a "targia" top
you know like a corvette has. one solid removeable hard top that went from one door to another. Any way that was one guts opinion.

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