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T-Bolt Clamps - Loosening?
CougarXR7 Offline
'86 Cougar XR-7
Stock T3 with '88 top-mount intercooler

I recently installed some nice t-bolt clamps on my IC hoses because I had a boost leak.
After installing the clamps, I noticed these things:
1. The loud hiss was gone
2. The car pulled much harder
3. The car quit running so rich

All of those things can be blamed on boost leak, so things are now going well. However, it seems like I need to tighten those clamps every few days. The boost leak comes back, I torque them down, boost leak goes away. Two or three days later the process starts again.
Is there a way to double-bolt those things?
Has anybody else had this problem?
1986 Mercury Cougar XR-7
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shays88tc Offline
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i had this problem on my 88 tc all the time. do you have the ic support bracket bolted up? i didn't, and the IC bumping around probably contributed to the problem of the couplers blowing off. maybe look in to new ic hoses and/or spring loaded t-bolts.
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Spooler87 Offline
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Do the t-bolts have standard nuts on them, or the nylon locking ends? that can be the cause of your loosening. After about three times when the clamps let up, i switched to the nylon ends and havnt had a problem since.
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Martin Offline
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Go with Shays recommendation of the spring loaded clamps. IMHO these are the only clamps to use for any hose clamping application. I use them for the IC and the Rad hoses. Having used them on heavy machinery for many years, I have found them to be the best.
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CougarXR7 Offline
I am not using an intercooler bracket. I tried, but it wouldn't fit.
The clamps have nylon locking ends.
I suppose the boost and vibrations must be so strong that they make even the nylon locking nuts back down the threads.
Where do you find spring-loaded clamps?

Thanks for the information!
1986 Mercury Cougar XR-7
5-Speed - Leather - Dual Manual Seats - Vent Windows - Smokin' T3

Jeff K Offline
Exactly which ones are loosening up? Dont forget that both inlet and outlet of the stock IC have tapered ends with no bead (STUPID idea, Ford). If the hoses slip down the taper, they will appear to loosen.

What do you mean the IC bracket doesnt fit? If using the stock IC, it should fit. SOme people will argure with me on this one, but in a higher than stock boost application, the IC bracket is critical to keeping the IC in place so the hoses dont loosen up.
Jeff Korn

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Pete D Offline
I agree with Jeff, yo are going to have problems with out the bracket
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CougarXR7 Offline
The compressor-to-IC hose clamps are coming loose. The IC-to-TB clamps are always tight and it makes a proper seal.

When I installed the IC, I chose not to grind the flange off the compressor housing. Rather, I clocked it counter-clockwise and modified the charge tube. This procedure left the modified outlet of the compressor housing at a 9 'o clock position. I'm not sure how close that is to what it should be, but it works for me. This technique also put zero stress on the wastegate setup, which is good for obvious reasons. The IC fits under the hood and makes the proper seal with the underhood ducting. I'm leaving it this way until I get a FMIC.
I know that's not the proper way to do it, but I've never blown off a hose or anything like that.
I think this is why I can't get the IC bracket to fit... it's just too far off from where it should be.
In any event, I'll look for some better clamps and deal with it for now. Smile
1986 Mercury Cougar XR-7
5-Speed - Leather - Dual Manual Seats - Vent Windows - Smokin' T3

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