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T-5 input shaft play
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I bought a T-5 transmission from 83 TC for spare part. It's working well and quiet but has play in input shaft. How much play can be considered "normal". In this case there is about 3 mm play measured from the end of shaft. Is this too much?

Probably it's input shaft bearing which causes play, can it be easily changed or should I disassemble the transmission? Can I use input shaft bearing from V8 T-5?

In some sources T-5s from 1985 up are called "world-class". So how is this older T-5 different than world-class T-5. Can I for example use Ford Racing rebuild kit with it?

Sorry, quite many questions! Hopefully you have strength to read them all...

Lauri Salokangas
Tampere, Finland

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Lauri Salokangas
Tampere, Finland

1988 TC 5-spd, black with raven int.
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Pete D Offline
A friend of mine just got a 2 hr tape on rebuilding a T5. I'll ask him tonight where he got it. He said it's boring but informative.

Per the 88 Service manual:

Output shaft: 0 end play is desirable; +/- .050mm (.002") is acceptable.

The diagram shows it being measured at the output shaft, but the shims go in the front bearing retainer.

Not sure on the differences between the WC trans and the earlier ones but part of it was in the syncros.

You might find more info here:

If I get that other info , I'll post it later.
Pete Dunham


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Are you measuring the play as lateral(side) movement or end play(in/out)?. As Pete stated the end play is set with shims(will also affect lateral movement). I'm cheap so heres what I'd do. Reshim the front bearing to remove ALMOST all of the play, Since its a used transmission I would definatly not want it to tight.

The World Class and non World Class are to totally different transmissions, very few parts will actually interchange. You would need a rebuild kit specifically for it(The video would be great if it covers it as well). Not sure in the case of the NWC trans, but the WC can be rebuilt with the 5.0 kits. Only difference is the front bearing and shims are larger on the 2.3 trans. Would need to get those seperatly.

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The rebuild procedure for the nwc t-5 is pretty much the same as the wc, except for the cluster bearings. You can get nwc rebuild kits from hanlon or d+d.

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You can also get a really good rebuild tape from <A HREF="">Hanlon</A> for the WC T5; in fact it convinced me that I had neither the right tools nor the specialized knowledge to rebuild my T5, darn it!

Joe F.

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