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T-3 swap in an 87 TC
Mark'87TC Offline
i know that a T-3 will bolt right up to the exhaust manifold. but, will all of the stock oil/coolant lines need replacing/modifying.

also, i used the scan tool on my car, and the code 28 came up, does anybody know if that poses any problems?

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Anthony M Offline
The T3 requires different coolant lines (if you choose to keep them. I am not running any coolant lines on my T3 and have had no problems whatsoever.

What you will need is the T3 oil return line, as the flange on this one is larger than the IHI flange.

Also the IHI down pipe will need the bolt holes "slotted" to bolt up to the T3 elbow.

Code 28 means that is what less than 50* outside when you ran the codes...nothing to worry about.

88 TC, T3, Volvo IC
88 TC, T3, Volvo IC

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