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Synthetic in an old car?
WyldeSoul Offline
I've heard many times before that you don't want to use synthetic oil in a car that has been using regular it's whole life.

This true?

I want to switch to synthetic, but I've got a 200,000+ motor that has never had it.
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Ive used synthetic in my car since I got it. It had 141k on it then and was neglected and beat to crap. No doubt it was run on cheap oil that was probably never changed.
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I have Royal Purple in a 1959 Buick Electra, with it's original motor. No problems, no leaks.

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Synthetic is generally recommended for "high" mileage engines. With the modern synthetics there shouldn't be any problems, except the engine may last longer than you want it to.
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The only problem with using synthetics on a old engine, is oil leaks. You may have lots of them or you may not.

Good luck

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I used it for a few years without leaks, and every time I checked my oil I couldn't believe how clean it was. After I developed a leak (no fault of the oil) when the engine turned 200,000 miles, I went back to the regular stuff because I couldn't afford to add the 2 quarts of synthetic every week. There are synthetics and synthetic blends for high-mileage cars. Go for it.
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#7 - IMHO the best oil site on the web. Years of reading, every topic imaginable. Enjoy.
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