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Swapping an '87 alt into an '88
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Among the gloom of finding that I'll be undergoing an engine swap today, my alternator tested bad.

I'll be using the engine out of my wrecked '87, which has a brand new alternator on it with about 3 days of service life to boot. The warranty has long expired, it was a 3 month NAPA deal. Can someone give me some advice on hooking it up to my '88 wiring harness until I can afford the 3G?

Ryan Harris

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Go to your local jy. You can use a 3g out of a '94/5 T-bird or any of the Taurus from about '94 on. Mine are usually around $20 (depending on the mood of the owner). They aren't that hard wire in either.

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or go back after dark...

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