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SVO Valve Cover Breather Adapter for 87-88 Engine?
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My car needs a new valve cover gasket so I took this opportunity to swap the valve cover to an SVO style one i found at Carlisle for $25. I have one question though.
How do you adapt the Oil Breather to work with the 87 - 88 breather?
Their hugely different in size, and doesn't look like it can work. Can I just buy a small oil breather cone or Do I have to make the 87 - 88 breather work?
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Two alternatives to make it work.

1) just get the small hole style breather. I will sell you one for cheap. hit me up

2) Open the hole up to 1" and now your 87-88 breather will work. I posted pics of what I did in the Resource diversification section.

What I did was open the hole up, and the I went to the jy and pulled the grommet off a ford feista or Tempo and also the low profile breather that car has. love it. I posted pics

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