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SVO/LSC master cylinder conversion adapters/fittin
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May be worthy as a a sticky, or combine with similar posts

From my good friend Pat Kehoe:

88 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe
SVO Master Cylinder Conversion

Lines/ Description/ Use

PA-408 / 1/4 Line, 2x 7/16-24/ Rear port of MC to tee

PAA-S420/ 1/4 Line, 7/16-24 & 1/2-20/ Front port of MC to front port of PV

PAA-0380/ 3/16 Line, 3/8-24 & m10-1.0/ Tee to front left caliper line

PAA-R340/ 3/16 Line, 3/8-24 & 7/16-24/ Tee to rear port of PV

Adapters/ Description/ Use

343522.1/ 1/4 Tee/ Tee

BLU-8C/ M10-1.0 Bubble Flare Union /Front left caliper line to PAA-0380

BLF-25C / 7/16-24 female to 9/16-18 male/ Rear port of MC to PA-408

BLF-22C */ 3/8-24 female to 7/16-24 male/ Tee to PAA-0380

* All parts purchased from regular stock @ Advance Auto Parts except BLF-22C, purchased from AutoZone.

**The parts that were not available at Advance I purchased from Amazon
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