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Sunroof Won't Open
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Sunroof Won't Open
by Kev & Terry

Question: My sunroof won't open?

1) Where is the motor mounted?

2) I hear an audible click when the button is pushed in either direction, is this a motor problem or is the window stuck?

3) I read that a bad solder may be the problem. Where is the "board" located with the bad solder?


The 'board' is located under the switch panel. The two lenses pop out by prying on the tiny slits near the edge of each lens. With the lenses out, you will be able to see up into the switch panel, and now you can locate two Philips head screws. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws; don't worry if the light goes out when you remove the screws as I believe the screws are the ground point for the bulbs. With these two screws out, the part of the switch panel nearest the windshield should hang down a bit. I don't remember which direction that the switch panel has to slide to come off, but I remember it just takes a couple nudges in the direction to remove it. Once removed, the panel will still be attached to the sunroof motor by wires that attach to the sunroof controls in the panel cover where the cold solder has been found before. Take the end of your screwdriver and tap the cylinder shaped motor in the roof as you are holding the power button for the sunroof. If the roof opens (or closes), then the motor is sticky. If this doesn't work, then check the wiring connections for correct solder. REMEMBER! MAKE SURE THE KEY IS ON WHILE TRYING TO DO THIS!!! Sorry for the all caps, but you will be beating on the little motor all day long if you forget this little token of info. Good luck!

By Kev.

Side Note:

Good Kev. One other thing. You can use a 5/32nd allen to operate the moon roof manually. The insertion point is in one of the round areas by the motor. Sometimes you may need to run the window back and forth to get it to index correctly. At least I did.

Hope this helps.


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