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Sunroof switch
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I have a specific question regarding the sunroof switch and I haven’t been able to find my answer using the search function.

Is the switch supposed to work in two parts? What I mean is – when using a fully functional switch, closing the sunroof from the rear up position should the glass stop when fully closed and require an additional push of the switch to slide the glass back?

I’m replacing my gasket and honestly I’m tired of having to fish around to get it closed right.

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The way mine has worked since the car was new is that if the rear of the moonroof was opened for ventilation, to close it requires a push of the switch; it stops when fully closed. If you want to then slide the moonroof open, the switch must be released, then pushed again in order to do so.

Since that's what you seem to be describing, it sounds as if yours is working properly.


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Nah, I think mine is broken. It goes from one extreme to the other with one push of the damn switch.

If I want it to close right I have to fish for it - moving it one way and then the other - until it stops where I want it to.

Looks like I'm off to the "Parts Wanted" section"

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A couple of things you need to check first to ensure the circuit is working like it should; the switch may be fine. The switch is not what stops the sunroof in the closed position. That is done by a circiut breaker in the fuse box. If you look at your sunroof motor you will see a little tan colored wheel that spins as the motor turns. You can see that this wheel acts as a cam and has a little peg that follows its circumference. Whenever that peg gets to the low spot on the outside of the wheel, (which should be at the closed position for the sunroolf) the movement of the peg at this spot allows to electical contacts in the motor (or maybe it is its own switch) to touch, basically causing a direct short and poping the circuit breaker down in the fuse box. You should even be able to here it click. When you let off the main switch, the breaker resets and then you can move you sunroof with the main switch again. But check that stuff first before trying a new switch.



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Did you check the motor synchronization? There is a specific way to set the motor in relation to the mark (hole) on the tan wheel when the sunroof is in the closed position. It's in the shop manual... let me know if you need the specifics. Mine wasn't synched right and it was tricky getting it closed right... now closes just fine.

I did have a hell of a time trying to get the glass out to change the seal... the easiest way is with the roof in vent position. One of the screws was stripped royally, ended having to drill it out. Lifter arm got hosed and had to get one from a junkyard. FYI early to mid 90's continental 4 door's use the same sunroof.

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