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Sunroof gasket?
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Ok ive noticed that my 88 tc sunroof gasket is leaking, its getting worse. In my google search ive come up with this
anyone deal thru these guys?
Any other suggestions on where to get a gasket?
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nevermind guys! I did a search on here and they came up.
So i just open up the sunroof and take off the old gasket/molding and apply the new one??
97 mustang v6 turbo play car
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DD-88 tbird turbo coupe, converted to 5 spd, cd player and subs. Otherwise stock with 261,000 miles

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I, too, need to complete this project. In the meantime I'm just making sure the drain hole in the front is staying clear... doesn't seem to get too wet.

I think I read once in my research for this project that its easiest to remove the sunroof glass. just a few screws, IIRC. You could probably find good instructions in the search... I did once, I think.
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Some pictures:

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when installing the new strip , use as much as you can by compressing it along the glass. the rubber tends to shrink over time and will leave a gap , i had to add a small piece to fill in the gap once . SAVE the extra when fitting it !
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Thanks for the link. I also need to replace mine this year...
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I have just completed installing new gasket from Sunroof Doctor a few months ago, it is not hard to do. Make sure you use the sealant to prevent the shrinkage issue, that should hold it in place. I tried to "compress" mine as much as possible when putting on, but the reality of trying to smoosh such a ridged gasket, you are not going to get much out of that. You really need the sealant to stop it from moving. BTW it worked great for wind noise and should stop any leaks you may be having. If you need any pointers on putting it on PM me.
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A new gasket will help with wind noise but proper adjustment of the glass will make a difference as well. I've replaced the gasket on a poorly adjusted glass and still had noise. Adjusted the glass and quiet as a mouse.
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