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Struts and shocks
Jeffrey Daly Offline
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Who makes good quality replacement struts and shocks for the 88 turbo coupe? Would they still be elec. controlled?
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Pete D Offline
There are none that retain the PRC system. Monroe makes 1 or 2 models. Search on Monroe and you will find info

There is always the conversion to coil overs. Not cheap.
Pete Dunham


Jeff K Offline
Like Pete said, PRC shocks / struts are not around anymore..... maybe a few sets left in the country.... maybe. If you found some, they would cost BIG $$. I have a complete set of 4 brand new PRC sitting in my shop. No, they are not for sale at ANY price. Smile
Jeff Korn

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Ah, come on Jeff I'll give you $25.00 a piece!

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turbot79 Offline
sn95 struts work fine and get chucks rear shock mounts but you have to get the mm cc plates for the front
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Protowrxs Offline
I recently purchased a pair of Monroe #5861's for the rear of mine - They are supposed to be a drop in from what the parts people could figure out. Will find out soon.

Too bad someone hasn't figured out how to use the PRC output to drive something larger and adjust manual adjustable shocks or something similar.

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5861 for rear
71803 for front per monroe
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