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strut ?, I'm a bit confused after search
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ok, can I use fox body stang struts up front?
can I use sn95 body stang struts up front?
thought I saw something about using the newer if lowering, and I'm not lowering
maybe the monroes or kyb's are good choices but I am really looking at doing this on the cheap (ebay stuff?)

thanks all

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You can use either, std height or lowered. Ive used Fox and SN-95 struts...never had any bottoming out issues, even with the car lowered.
If you're not lowering and want to play it safe(even though there is not issue) use 94+ struts. Some of the larger Mustang-only salvage yards sell take-offs from "new" cars that you can get pretty cheap. I have a small stock-pile of SN-95 front struts from my old job to use on my drivers....

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Yep,you will want the 94 to 98 ones if you are going to keep it at stock ride height.Fox ones if you are gonna drop it.

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