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Stinger Turbo Coupe Front Mount Intercooler Kits (83-86 & 87-88)
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I've finally got the Turbo Coupe FMIC kits done. I've got tubing setup for both my header as well as stock style turbo locations for the 83-86 cars. For 87-88 TC's, I don't have any tubing for running my header at this time. If there is a demand for it, I'll do it.

Designed To Fit:
SVO's, Mustangs, 83-86 Turbo Coupes, 87-88 Turbo Coupes, Fairmonts, etc.

Modifications Needed:
Carbon Canister will need to be relocated or removed to clear passenger side IC tubing.

Inner fender plastic may need to be trimmed slightly depending on installation.

Lower part of hood secondary safety latch does need to be trimmed.

Trans cooler on auto trans cars will need to be relocated to the front of the IC.

Stock radiator can be used, no need to swap to a Ranger or Super coupe radiator. Stock Dual Fans can be retained on 87-88 TC's as well.

Stock A/C can be retained if the condensor is moved closer to the stock radiator. There is 2" between IC and radiator so the 1" condensor will fit between the two.

Kit Includes:
Intercooler (Bar & Plate Core, Polished)
Tubing (2.5" Mandrel bent, Aluminized Steel).
Couplers (Black Silicone standard, Blue Also available, Red available soon for additional $10)
Clamps (T-Bolt)

Intercooler Specs:
Will flow over 700cfm and is rated for up to 700hp.
Pressure drop is ~.2psi @ 15psi and ~2psi @ 30psi. Pressure tested to 40psi.

Assuming an inlet temperature of 290ºF, the outlet temp is ~102ºF. For comparison, a large NPR's outlet is 112ºF (according the Dr. Haulsee's IC Designer Program).

$550.00 Shipped

FMIC Kit for Stinger Header (83-86 TC Style):

FMIC Kit for stock turbo configurations (83-86 TC Style):
This is the passenger side u bend as it comes around the radiator support:

FMIC Kit for stock turbo configurations (87-88 TC Style) Heat wrap not included:


The 83-86 Install pics/details can be found here, thanks to Kevin:

Kits can now be purchased directly off of my website.

Feel free to pm or email me if you have any questions.

(Note: as of 5-25-06, I am out of black silicone couplers. I will have more soon.)

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85 SVO
86 SVO
87 Merkur

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for the 87/88 the stock A/C system does not need any mods for the condensor or hard lines.

The black plastic covers inside I had to flap If you go to my webshots site theres plenty of pictures and you can see the flap of the black plastic.

theres also a couple pics of my welded bracket for the charcoal canister.

06 Cobalt SS
66 mustang 289 C4 handfully modded

Stingers IC install and tbird photos

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Stinger, sent you a PM. Thanks..Tommy

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Stinger, PM sent. Thanks...Tommy

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