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Stinger FMIC Install with pics
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Sharing my experience installing Stinger's FMIC. Bottom line, it's not perfect but I would recommend.

Tubing is washed (no mandrel lubricant)
T-bolts are good quality (USA made)
Silicon couplers are good quality (unbranded)
The kit get's you 90% of the way there but some fabrication/modification is required
Best known solution for DIY install

Some tubing bends were not correct (90 degree was not a 90 degree) and tubes also needed shortening
Cutting/welding was required
You'll need to make you're own intercooler brackets (the ones supplied are useless)
No instructions other than center the intercooler and don't drop it below the bottom of the core support
If you have A/C, you'll need to modify the secondary hood latch brace

I made the bottom bracket using 1-1/4"x1-1/4"x1/8" angle steel from Home Depot. It mounts to 3 existing holes in the core support using 1/2" U-nuts. The top brackets were made from 16 gauge sheet metal and were mounted to existing nuts already found in the core support. No modification to the core support was required. The intercooler is heavy so the bottom bracket should be stout. I eliminated one silicon coupler by welding the joint. Stinger only cut the joint to make it easier to ship. I still need to mount a BOV.

The upper radiator hose can be a problem depending upon which version you have. One is a simple 2-bend hose and the other has about 5 bends. The 2-bend works better.

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