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still have idiling and electrical problems...
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ok this thing is driving me insane here lately... but any way its an 88 turbocoupe and it has serious idiling problems.. I put a new ford TPS on it and set it at .99 volts.... I put a new fuel pressure regulator on it.. I have put 3 different IACs on it and it is still idiling shitty.. when U push in the clutch it will die.. and when sitting in the driveway it will idle fine for a while then it will take a spell where it floods like a bitch then smooths out and the check engine light will come on.. im clueless... ok for the other problem.. when I go around a right hand curve the dash lights will flicker... it wont do it sitting still tho.. U have to be driving it... I put the ignition switch out of my other car on it.. didnt help.. put a turn signal swithc on it.. no help.. put a differnt dash in it didnt help... im about to shoot the thing .... PLEASE HELP..
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With the idling problem, scan for codes. You will have one or more stored because of the check engine light. If it's Code 41 (too lean), suspect a vacuum leak. I had a problem like yours, it would idle okay for about 10 seconds, rev really low and stumble then pick back up, and then I'd get a check engine light. I had knocked the PCV valve off of its hose by accident.

For the dash lights, try taking the steering column shroud off and wiggling the wire bundle around.
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It's a good idea to put hose clamps on the pcv hose, especially the bottom one as they tend to get lose with age. Checking it with a vacuum gauge would also be a good idea.
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