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Still have an oil leak! Need help.
Hey guys,

Looks like my oil leak is not repaired. It seems as though the oil is coming from driver's side of the motor. What's over there that could cause an oil leak. I've replaced the low level sensor, checked the PCV valve (it's fine). There is no oil at all on the turbo side of the motor. I know that the oil pressure sending unit is on the driver's side. It may also be that oil filter housing. Please correct me if I'm wrong but I think that housing is a part bolted onto the block. Pete D. said that the lines going into the housing are coolant lines. I had to replace those so this was good to know. Is that housing an oil cooler because of the turbo adding all kinds of heat to the oil? Could that housing be leaking? How do you take it off? Does it have an associated gasket or oring? Are there ANY other oil lines running under the upper intake and above the lower intake? Looks like it may even be slightly spraying and not just dripping.


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That is an oil cooler behind the Oil Filter. It is held to the block by the "plug" in the center of it (that the filter screw to). There is a rubber gasket between the oil cooler and the block and these can leak.

The other source of oil could be from the oil feed line to the turbo. It is connected to the Driver's side back side of the head.

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Kind of sounds like a seal of some kind. Try taking your car to the car wash and washing the engine to see clearly where the leak(spray) is coming from. Give that a try. I could be wrong but I could be right

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I have heard other posters say that oil was comming from their oil dip stick, and it's on the drivers side of the engine. Try some florescent oil dye from NAPA after you wash the engine. That stuff works great!
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