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still a beginner asking silly questions
kevcoheat Offline
i am wanting to do 3" exhaust in my 86 with t3 turbo
were can i get a downpipe all i hear is that the ones from ATR don't work with the t3,
and when i get it will i have to modify anything? i live in an area were i have to have a cat. so i am not sure what to buy. i am going to get ATR's 3" setup with a high-flow cat but the downpipe is what seems to be the problem. and the wastegat in my 86 (don't laugh please. lol) am i going to have to replace it with an external to do this?

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You can get a 3" downpipe from Sacremento-Mustang. Some of the guys on here run them with no prblems. You can get a long one to delete the cat, or a short one and fab it up to your converter.
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not sure i understand which one to get i see three for the svo
one for 1984-85
one for 1985 1/2 - 86

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You'll want the one for the later SVOs...

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There is a guy named stinger who makes a nice one for around $80. I got my high flow cat on ebay for only $50 shipped. Type in Catco catalytic converter.
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ATR makes 2 DP's for the t3. ONe uses the external WG and the other uses the internal. Both eliminate the exhaust elbow.

Internal WG DP(for the svo t3 upgrade)

ext. WG DP isn't pictured but they still make it and it will fit the TC. They list it for the SVO.

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Neither of the SVO DPs are a direct fit to the TC.... mods are required on either one.

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i got the obsolete setup from walker, it is only 2.5, but it made a big difference, and came with the highflow cat already attached for 91.00 i know it is not 3" but it works great, and replaces the pipe from the 2 bolt flange at the elbow to the 2 bolt flange at the muffler

(walker = dynomax)
performance exhaust from the 86 dynomax catalog

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