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i am planning on doing a large install in my '88 in the near future. the car has 120k on it, and i am worried about the stock alt. i have heard rumors that they are junk, and i would like to know if i should replace this with a bigger one before i do the install. im talkin about 2000+ watts. thanx

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By all means, YES, upgrade the alt. The stock 75A can barely power the car as is. A 130A 3G alt is nearly a direct bolt on. See the article I wrote on how to install one in the tech articles section. With my 130A alt, voltage stays at 14.2 V at idle with head / fog lights on, A/C cranked to max, and 200W (ya, only 200W [Image: frown.gif] ) stereo cranked up. BTW, I assume a big capacitor, like maybe a 2 Farad, is in your plans, I hope.

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Quote:Originally posted by drtjmpr:
... before i do the install. im talkin about 2000+ watts

Holy wattage, Batman!
Did you hear about the Lucas powered torpedo? It sank.

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What do need 2000+ watts for? A well designed 200 watt system is more than enough. I have 200 watts and have hit 131db. How much more do you want? When its done I gotta hear it. Good luck.

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i can't help im a car audio junkie!! i had basicly the same set-up in my truck an smacked 147.3db. this is out of 2 12's. i have 1750 goin to the subs, and the rest is all mid to high end...

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Do you have an investment strategy for the hearing aids you will need?

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Mind posting or emailing me your setup? I am interested as I just did a major install in mine as well. Maybe we can share some ideas or something. Since I know I'm going to get questions on it: All the cableco gear is from the company my father is partial owner of. They do custom cabling for computer systems and stuff so I got it all from him, all custom cut lengths and stuff.

My NEW setup (finally in 7/15/01)

Head Unit: Clarion Pro Audio DRX8587z CeNet Controller
Processor: Clarion Pro Audio DPH7500z DSP/Parametric Equalizer

Power Distribution: Cableco 1/0 Power to (2) Monster Digital 20v Capacitors
Cableco M-Series Fused Distribution Blocks to 8AWG to amps
Cableco M-Series Distribution Blocks to 1/0 Chassis Ground
Signal Distribution: Cableco Audio Premier Interconnects from Clarion Processor (4V)
Speaker Distribution: Cableco 12AWG Twisted Pair Wiring to speakers

Power Amplifiers & Drivers:
Front Stage: Infinity Kappa 102a Powering (2) Infinity Perfect 6.1 Midwoofers
Infinity Kappa 102a Powering (2) Infinity Perfect 6.1 Tweeters

Rear Fill: Infinity Kappa 54a Powering: (2) Infinity Kappa 693.3i 6x9

Subwoofers: Infinity Kappa 202a Powering (1) Infinity Perfect 12.1 Subwoofer
Infinity Kappa 202a Powering (1) Infinity Perfect 12.1 Subwoofer

Woofer Enclosures: Bi layer ¾ In. MDF, 1.6 Cu. Ft./Woofer
Amplifier Mounting: Neon lit recessed wiring under 1 In. Lexan
(4) 131CFM 120mm cooling fans

Total System 14.4v Bench Tested RMS: 2183W
Highest Legal Measured SPL: 141.8

Not bad for a system designed for SQ above all else.
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2000 + watts???? sorry man but you wasting your time and money. One thing you must do is change the alternator!! I have 3 12" JL w3's in the back which is a very tight fit. Had to have the box custom built. The power is provided by a 1200w eclipse amp pumpin about 400w a piece. My cousin works a custom sounds so i got every thing for a little over 1000.00 So thats not bad at all. So what im saying is if you put good shit in the car you dont need to have that much power. But it always cool to be able to say " i got a bigger system than you!!!" Well good luck !!

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sorry, but im rather tired do im not going to put it a nice format like you!!
basically, i have all PHOENIX GOLD wires, 1/0 gauge power into PHOENIX distribution, and a PHOENIX GOLD POWER CORE.out of that i have 4awg going to a MMATS D300HC sub amp, powering 2 KICKER SOLO-BARIC 12L7's. each sub is working<for now> in a 2.5 cuft folded vent box. i also have 8awg goin to a CROSSFIRE<soon to be upgraded!> 4 channel. powering a set of DIAMOND AUDIO components, and a set of Eclipse 6x9's. all this is fed off an ECLIPSE deck. like i said earlier, i hit a recorded 147.3 when i had this stuff in my truck

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Nice stuff man. I figure I can get into 150s with my current rig if i ran bigger boxes or port instead of sealed but I like it. Bass is big but still seriously clean. And people: Theres nothing wrong with a lot of power. Its how you put it to use. I don't go around setting off car alarms for a good time. I just have audiophilic tendancies thats all. Theres lotsa city boys and their trunks fulla crappy gear that can kill my system for volume but not many who can make their rig sound just as good playing bach, clapton, metallica or whatever. Audiophile...not basshead. Hehe.
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