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Stereo problem. Already read write up.
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Ok, so I unplugged my EQ, plugged my stereo into the "secret plug" and unplugged the amp...but it sounds like crap now! Before I undid the premium sound this thing sounded like a brand new sound system. Now its all scratchy and staticy.

The amp is the metal housing with the holes in it, grey and green plug and another plug to a small 2x2 black box, right? Thanks for the help.

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I think the stock radio is only about 15 watts total. You need the amp to drive the speakers. Speakers can sound bad if they don't have enough power. Why did you disconnect the amp?
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Did you attach the ground of your new stereo to the ground wire of the old radio? I recently installed a new stereo, and did it essentially like you did,and mine worked fine.
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The write up on the NATO FAQ says to unplug the amp. But I still have the stock stereo. I took out the EQ because I'm mounting gauges there.

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then spend $150 and get yourself a pioneer head unit. I wouldnt use the stock stereo in anything other than the stock setup and they suck anyway, its a premium ford system, an aftermarket stereo will make ur ford speakers sound soo much better. I just prefer pioneer for function and they outlast every other make i've seen, nothing like seeing you friends buy 2 stereos in the time you buy and keep one and still like it.
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Watch your amps! My 83 came with a 6amp system. The first owner installed an after market 8amp system. The kids at the stero shop just twisted the wires together and called it good. The result was fryed amplifyer and speakers. The last time I checked most new aftermarket systems are now 4 amp. Make sure you do a clean wire and all the componets match amps.
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