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Steamy exhaust(long read)
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Here's the rundown, my '88 Turbocoupe blew the head gasket and had cracked the head. Installed the new head, head gasket, new head bolts, timing belt, intake gaskets the whole deal. Finally got to crank the thing and steam rolls out of the exhaust immediately. Originally I checked the block for straightness, cleaned the bolt holes in the block very well(as I remember anyway)didn't notice any cracks or anything in the block. Still has the IHI on it, can it be the center section leaking into the exhaust? Lower intake gasket leaking? Been a while (5yrs) since I even looked at it so I don't even remember what # head gasket I used. Any help or suggestions are appreciated. Trying to bring it back from the dead.

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Maybe it's just water sitting in the exhaust system, condensation or antifreeze from when the cracked head and gasket were on it

Could be the lower intake if it got out of position when you were installing the lower intk.

How long did you let it run? Did anything (amount of steam) change?
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Yeah, did you let it get up to operating temperature and run it around long enough that it should have cleared up?

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there could be a lot of residual (sp?) antifreeze left in the exhaust from the head gasket going. If you haven't already, i would run it to operating temperature and see if it goes away.
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You can loop both of the coolant hoses going to the IHI together, bypassing it completely. If it still steams out the exhaust after that, you then know that's not the problem. When you where in there changing the head, Did you turn the engine over by hand and carefully check the walls of each cylinder for cracks? A crack in the cylinder wall, even a small one, will cause coolant to get sucked into the combustion chamber, and then of course steam out the exhaust. I'd check the lower intake gasket first though, that's the most likely culprit.
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