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Static injectors
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Ive serched on here and other forums, and was oping someone could give me a difinative answer on this. Im putting together a custom turbo setup on my 96 escort LX, and Im planning on running a second set of injectors, and leaving the factory ECM and controls in the car to maintain reliability. The only time the secondary injectors kick in is under boost.

Now, my question is, will it do any damage to the factory injectors when they go static under boost?

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By static, I assume you mean they will e on all the time? High impedance injectors, like the stock ones on your Escort, do not like to run 100% duty cycle for very long, as they overheat. They are also not as good at opening under excessively high fuel pressure. Low inmedance injectors (the type usually used on turbo motors) can be run at 100% duty cycle for longer than high impedance, and are better about opening at higher fuel pressures, but require special driver circuitry (peak and hold driver).

I know a guy who did a home built turbo set up on a 98 Escort 2.0 SPI, but only ran 8 psi due to the factory cast pistons. Boost referenced fuel pressure alone kept it rich enough under boost. It was pretty fast for an Escort!
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Damn, thats what I was afraid of... Im putting a 3rd gen head on my 2nd gen bottom end, this lowers the compression to aound 7.8-8.0:1. this allows for around 20 PSI without deto. we have a member on FEOA running a setup like Im planning, only with smaller exhaust, and homemade management, and his laid down212 HP at the wheeels, and 262 lb ft.

Is there any way to convert/replace my stockers to low impedance types?

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Ive been reading up on how MAF's work, and from what I've read, it seems that they are claibrated to send out a certain voltage signal to the ECU for a certain airflow. In response to this signal, the ECU knows what size injectors are in the car, and pulses them acordingly...

Now, why cant I simply replace my MAF with a larger unit (like a mustang unit) and then replace my four injectors with four that flow an equivalent amount of fuel as what the mustang MAF is calibrated for?

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"Look on the driver's side strut tower of any 90-93 Accord and you'll see an aluminum heatsink. That's the resistor module that converts the Honda's low impedance injectors for use with saturation drivers." I got this from a recent post at the EECTuner group.

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