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I just recently purchased an 84 TC that has been sitting since 99. I have replaced the usual fuel pumps, fuel filter, plugs, wires, dist. cap & button. But its like eveytime i try to start it when its cold i have to give it fuel when it hits and to keep it running until warm. Ounce its warm it will start up fine and idle. But it smokes (black) bad when you punch it. Has anyone seen anything like this or might know whats causing this you will be a great help thanks

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Can't say for sure but if it sat that long, did you have the injectors cleaned. They might be gummed up.
Have you run the fuel system diagnostics or pulled the codes:
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Nice to see another 84 T/C. Black smoke tells me you are running rich. Did you check/replace the fuel pressure regulator? Pull the vac line off it and see if it is wet from fuel. As for the start up check the Idle air controller. Most of the time they get full of carbon and need to be cleaned out with card cleaner. Also get a can of SeaFoam and pull a vac line and suck the Seafoam thru the vac system. It may smoke and choke but it will clean out all the crap.
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Hey ipsd ya i noticed that there arnt that many 84's. I see that you have a lot of 88 model mods I purchased an 88 d-port intake and injectors from a junk yard hoping that they will fix my problem. I was researching the intakes and some people say that it is nessary to drill a hole in for it fit on the 84. Did you have this problem? If so what hole needs drilling. Thanks

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when i got my car, it didnt idle properly while it was cold... i adjusted the tps and it idled perfect but that was my problem i dunno about yours...
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I thought about replacing it but havent gotten to it yet

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