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starting problems?
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I was wondering if anybody has an idea why when my car is cold it starts up fine but when it warms up and i shut it off and try starting it again you have to crank it over for about 3-4 seconds. I can't figure out why my car has really bad throttle response, when you tap the gas it seems like it wants to die, it will dip down then go up almost wanting to die.

Thanks, Jason

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My '84 had the same problem which caused a lot of frustration until someone on the site suggested I change the fuel pressure regulator. That solved the problem on my TC.

Dan S
Dan S
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Pull the codes and check the fuel pressure
Pete Dunham


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MEasure the rate fuel pressure drops off after you shut the car off. Should only drop a few pounds after 5-10 minutes. If it drops faster than that, either the FPR is bad, the check valve in the fuel pump is bad, or you have a leaky injector. Does it shoot out a puff of black smoke when it starts after the crank when it is hot? If so, probably a leaking injector.

Jeff Korn

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I would check the fuel pressure also, and I would also look at a ignition module problem.

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Don't overlook the obvious, a clogged fuel filter. Fuel filters should be changed about every third oil change or every 6 mths. I would start there, if problem still exist, test the fuel pressure as Jeff stated.
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