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Since I found my rattle was the starter, I'm in the process of replacing it with a new one from Napa. In the process of having my clutch changed a few months ago, the mechanic snapped off the top starter mounting bolt. At the time he told me that the remaining 2 bolts should hold the starter just fine. What is your opinion? I know to do it right I should dril it out and replace the bolt, but i also really dont want to open that can of worms tommarow. So?
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That's up to you of course but with the vibration levels of and I-4; and the rest of your setup looks nice.....I'd go ahead and fix it.
Oh and one other thing, I'd think that should be the mechanics problem to fix that broken bolt.
Probably it'll come out if you get a left-handed drill bit though, just make sure you PB Blaster it first.
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might spend about one to two hours on it, and if you cant get it, then leave it. but using the reverse drill bit, the easy outs(get good ones), and even notching the bolt to use a flat head screwdriver, you should be able to get it out.

if you end up using only two, get new ones, GR8 or better, and use loctite. that will help alot. may also wanna try studs, and nuts, as that can usually get a better hold, and might be easier to install.

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You have 2 bolts, 90* apart, and it engages the f/w at 180* from the c/l of the 2 bolts? If you have a dremel, the screw slot may be easier than you think. An impact driver might help if it's stubborn. I really hate drilling out bolts and try everything else I can think of before going that route.
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You can do what I did and drill it out, straight through, get a longer bolt and secure that with a nut on the clutch housing side.
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