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Starter motor
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Ok so i am new to this working on my own car thing.

Where is my Starter motor located on my 87 TC?
I either cant find it cause cause i got the wornf one to replace with or something
any help anyone? My manuel syas its is just a few bolts to switch out the old for a new one.


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The starter is on the passanger side attached to the bell housing. If you look under neath you will see te down pipe from the turbo it is right next to that. should have three 13MM bolts holding it on. Is a little tight but you can get int here and remove the old one.

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It helps tons to take the cross bar under the oil pan off (two 15mm bolts). The bolts are in there pretty tight so you'll need a breaker bar or equivalent to get them off.

I actually just take one bolt out and loosen the other and swing the bar out of the way, and stick the loose bolt back in the hole so it doesn't get lost.
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Ryan's right. Removing the Cross Bar makes it much easier to get the damm thing out & back in. Don't ask me how I know, I've change mine 3 times since I put the car on the road. Make sure you buy a good starter, one with a lifetime warranty.
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